The Ryan Lee Trust Charity was originally formed in December 2010, is based in Nuthall, Nottingham and founded by Deb Lee, Mother of Ryan; Frances Northeast, Ryan’s Oncology Outreach Nurse; and Muriel Dewar, former Executive Director of Nursing at the Derby Acute Hospitals Trust.

The charity has been developed and heavily influenced by our own experience as we cared for our son who sadly died from Brain Tumours, also from feedback from the network of parents, professionals and other charities that we have had contact with over the last few years. The charity is designed to meet an unmet need that is not normally provided by the statutory authorities.

We provide support to children and teenagers diagnosed with Brain Tumours and other cancers, whilst also meeting the needs of their families. Their health and well being is central to the work of the charity. Treatment often goes on to cause short/long term side effects or disabilities, others tragically become terminally ill with their life expectancy limited.

We are a normal family whose lives were shattered when our precious son Ryan was diagnosed with an in-operable brain tumour in August 2009. With the help of the family, friends and the support of the hospital, we managed to keep a positive attitude and we believe this made a big difference to Ryan’s well-being throughout his treatment.

We know as parents, to discover that your child has a serious or life limiting illness is devastating and the illness affects everyone’s lives. The Ryan Lee Trust was formed not purely out of emotion but from a real need identified from our own experience over the 10 months of Ryan’s illness and supported by others who shared a similar experience.

The main aim of the Ryan Lee Trust is to provide specialist equipment and accessories not normally provided by the Statutory Authorities.

Current Trustees of the charity are:

Muriel Dewar – Appointed December 2010
Deborah Lee – Appointed December 2010
Shaun Lee – Appointed July 2011
Denise Mellors – Appointed January 2016
Alberto Ricci – Appointed December 2014

Help us ease the strain for children and teenagers suffering with cancer.