We understand that caring for a child/teenager with cancer can be distressing and often very challenging. The equipment and aids we provide are designed to help stimulate and improve sensory response, aid mobility and provide additional comfort. All accessories that we provide are tailored to the individual needs and circumstances of the referred child and family.

We also provide feeding aids for example special cutlery and plates; also, specially designed vests to facilitate tube feeding. The provision of visual, auditory and tactile sensory equipment is proving to be a great asset in developing and enhancing communication skills.

The offer of equipment is open to any child – between 0 and 18 years – suffering with cancer. See below for examples of the main things we provide.

Children’s Wheely Cosy

Offering dryness, quality and style. It boasts an extremely warm quilted thermal fleece lining, improved shaping and a durable scuff guard.

Zipped front pocket to keep your essentials secure Quilted fleece hand warmer Fully removable front secured with an industrial strength zip, so as it gets warmer you can remove the front. It’s important to remember that when children who have been diagnosed with cancer and appear to be getting better are still in many cases undergoing treatment that causes it’s own problems and sometimes disabilities. These children still need support and help with equipment & accessories. Please continue to support us so that we can support them.

Mobility Poncho Sleeved (3 In 1)

A sleeved version of our popular poncho. Quick and easy to put on this 3 in 1 poncho can be worn unlined for rain protection, as a fleece for warmth or conbined for warmth and rain protection. Ideal for use on the scooter or wheelchair.

Buggies and Rain Covers

Buggies specifically designed for children with disabilities. They provide postural support and are usually more robust with higher weight capacities than conventional buggies.

These buggies start in price from a few hundred to a few thousand pounds depending on level of disability and need.


Specially designed to use during interactive sessions.

The user can lie on the Splodge with the Parent sitting next to it or both can climb aboard.

The design adds to the sense of security as the central panels encourage users to lean into the middle of the Splodge.

The special fire retardant filling has been researched to offer maximum support and positioning to the user while retaining freedom and relaxation of limbs.

Car Seats

We offer a number of items to help families, including specially designed car seats, belts and harnesses can be invaluable and can make travelling much safer.

It can be quite difficult for parents and carers to safely and comfortably transport disabled children – particularly if the child has difficulty maintaining an upright position unassisted. These car items that are essential to the child’s safety are not provided by the Statutory Authorities.

Rocking Ball

The Rocking Ball helps to strengthen the core muscles and to develop child’s core balance. With its simple and easy to use design, children learn how to control and balance their bodies in a more ‘fun’ way.

The Victor Reader Stratus 12

The Victor Reader is an easy-to-use audio book with large, tactile, high-contrast keys, a built-in speaker and headphone jack, and self-voicing controls and is portable. Its simple 4-arrow keypad to easily navigate novels, magazines, and newspapers.

In addition to playing CDs, the Stratus M model support additional media sources, including USB flash memory and an SD card. With the Stratus M’s built-in text-to-speech capability, you can even play computer text documents saved to these external media.

The Victor Reader Stream

The Victor Reader Stream is an audio recorder that will allow children to record their lessons at school and play them back later. This is so important for teenagers with secondary issues caused by brain tumours and other cancers as it will support them with their schooling and make sure they are able to keep up to date with their work and fully understand what they are being taught.

Mr Scrambles

Mr Scrambles the egg helps with balance, has sensory elements and encourages interactive play. It includes seven different games.

To ensure a safe play environment our Soft Play Sea Turtle is made from high grade CFC-free flame retardant foam, and a wipe clean, durable fire retardant PVC cover is printed with non-toxic ink.


The ‘P’ Pod has been designed and developed by SOS as a simple yet effective postural support for use by disabled children and adults when indoors in the home or day care environment, the unique patented design of the ‘P’ Pod combines a symmetrical or custom moulded support within the simplicity of a conventional Bean Bag base.

Integration of specialised equipment into the home environment can be difficult due to limitations on space and access issues, the ‘P’ Pod Seat from SOS gives high levels of postural support and accommodation for easy use around the home environment.

Help us ease the strain for children and teenagers suffering with cancer.