Our bespoke accessory boxes are designed to take into account the size, disabilities and developmental needs of the child and they help children in many ways.

They can teach cause and effect, assist with developing hand/eye coordination and promote understanding about balance and movement, while encouraging the development of fine and gross motor skills. They can also stimulate audio and visual senses and many children find comfort and distraction from pain or distress through play.

Items can also include, plates and other food relevant items for motor and strength problems, Joey vests for tube feeding; ponchos for wheelchairs, rain covers and sun canopies for specialised buggies and specialised foot cosies.

There is no way many of these parents could buy these items themselves. In many situations there are so many other things they need to buy or their situation prohibits it.

A lot of these items aren’t available on the high street and are often much more expensive than mainstream items.

  • Visual Play – Contents will include equipment which will encourage visual focus, co-ordination and stimulation
  • Auditory Play – Contents will include equipment which makes noises and encourages auditory stimulation
  • Tactile Play – Contents will include equipment to stimulate touch and encourage associated motor functions
  • Interactive Play – Contents will include equipment which demonstrates ‘cause and effect’ for interactive play

The Ryan Lee Trust Specialist accessory boxes are free and we make it very easy for families to access them.

  • Your child must be aged 18 years or under
  • Your child is a permanent resident in the UK
  • Your child has a brain tumour or other cancer

The Referral form needs to be signed off by a consultant or community nurse.

The Ryan Lee Trust doesn’t ‘means test’.

Help us ease the strain for children and teenagers suffering with cancer.